Unique Weight Loss : Stretch of the Day – Chest Stretch

Unique Weight Loss : Stretch of the Day – Chest Stretch


Chest Stretch || Upper Body Stretching Workout

Upper Body Stretching Workout – stretches for your upper and lower back, chest, and arms. To help you reach your unique weight loss goals, you must take care of your muscles and exercise safely. We recommend that you consult Unique Weight Loss and Family Practices’s Dr. Masoud before beginning any new exercise program.


Pull your belly button towards your spine, breathe in and interlock your fingers behind your back. Breathe out, extend your arms back and up as far as you can, keeping your chest up and shoulders back. You should feel a stretch across your chest muscles. Hold the stretch for 30 to 60 seconds.


Oh La La: Why Are French Woman So Thin?!

Oh La La: Why Are French Woman So Thin?!

Alexandra Guamaschelli's Croque Madame Sandwich as Seen On Food Network's Alex's Day Off
Alexandra Guamaschelli’s Croque Madame Sandwich as Seen On Food Network’s Alex’s Day Off

There is a mystical world across the big pond, where they indulge in carbs but their waistlines remain thin. They chow down on croissants with hazelnut spread, slurp huge cups of cappuccino,  and every other meal is coupled with merlot yet French women physique never reflect it. How can they possibly stay so thin? Must be a French thing, right? Western girls, try to convince themselves that there is something in the water, but the hard truth is that there is no biological difference.

The secret to their flat stomach is quite simple stress and sleep management, diet, and exercise.

Stop Obsessing Over Fitness: For the French, fitness isn’t a hobby its a way of living. They do small simple thing that really add up – things you can do to engage your body while you’re doing other things. Instead of sitting on the toilet try squatting, when conversing on the phone go for a walk, contract your abs every time you walk through a doorway, and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Small exercises like these help fight the sedentary lifestyle and can burn up to 400 more calories daily.

Portions Means Everything: Portions sizes in the west are almost twice the size of those in France. Using simple tips like protein the size of a deck of cards, a serving of cheese half that size, and vegetables being the main attraction will aid you in your French unique weight loss journey. There is no such thing as off limit when it come to food for French beauties; they stick to small portions of decadent dishes.

Say No Supplements: The French don’t believe the solution to a healthy weight in a pressed pill. All those beautiful outdoor markets you see in photos of France aren’t just for show. They’re the health food stores of the nation. Instead, they get their vitamins and minerals from whole foods.

Stay Off The Clock: Stop trying to working during personal time, this leads to stress. Stress leads to an increase in cortisol levels. And high levels of cortisol levels cause your body to store fat around the abdomen. By leaving work-related woes at the time clock your body will hang on to less fat.

Sleep Without Distractions: American dreaming consist of laying down next to electronic devices, that is so NOT the French way. Americans keep their phones next to the bed side which disrupts sleep patterns making it harder to stay active the next day. As for French women, they are completely okay with shutting off their phone and charging it in the next room before they caught their Zs. They stay refresh and active this way.

These tricks are how French women stay so thin; they have healthy habits that are apart of their lifestyle which takes away the stress (fat). When in America do as the French do…say ‘oui’ to your unique weight loss solution.


Prevent Childhood Obesity

Prevent Childhood Obesity



One out of every five children in the United States is overweight or obese and this number only continues to rise. Naturally, children are prone to have far few health and medical problems than adults, however, overweight children are at a higher risk of being overweight adolescents and adults. They risk developing chronic disease like heart diseases and diabetes. They are also more likely to struggle with stress, sadness, and poor self-esteem.

Causes of Childhood Obesity:

Commonly a lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of the two. It is rare that childhood obesity is caused by a medical conditional and it can be ruled out with a simple physical exam can rule it out. Though weight problems can be genetic, not all children with a family history of obesity will be obese, their risk just increase. It normally has to do with shared family diet and lifestyle.

Inactive lifestyle is the major role in determining a child’s weight. Today, the average child spends four hours in front of a television, and now that computers and video games are becoming the forefront of entertainment, the hours of inactivity have increased.

 Risk of Childhood Obesity:

High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Early heart disease
Bone problems
Skin conditions such as heat rash, fungal infections, and acne

Detection of Childhood Obesity:

The family doctor will notify if your child is overweight. Your child height, weight, and BMI (body mass index) will be compared to standard values and if they suffer from childhood obesity your doctor will consider also your child’s age and growth pattern when coming up a unique weight loss solution for them.

Aid of Childhood Obesity:

If you discover your child suffers from childhood obesity, you must be supportive. How children feel about themselves is directly related to how their parents feel them. Having a open line of communication where your child can here the importance of weight, but also where they can discuss their concerns is key.

Isolation of your child can be detrimental to your child confidence, so focus on changing family activities that engage them physically. A change of diet and lifestyle habits will teach the whole family a healthier lifestyle the overweight child won’t feel singled out or alone.

Engaging Family in Healthful Habits:

Increasing the family’s engagement of physical activity is important. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

  • Lead by example. If your children see that you are physically active and having fun, they are more likely to be active and stay active for the rest of their lives.
  • Plan family activities that provide everyone with exercise, like walking, biking, or swimming.
  • Be sensitive to your child’s needs. Overweight children may feel uncomfortable about participating in certain activities. It is important to help your child find physical activities that they enjoy and that aren’t embarrassing or too difficult.
  • Make an effort to reduce the amount of time you and your family spend in sedentary activities.


Exercise Fights Sleepiness

Exercise Fights Sleepiness


Must.Stay.Awake. Is what you repeat in your head to try to remain focus on the task at hand. But does it work? Is reciting this phrase going to send an energy boost through your body? No. Studies show that the actual answer for fatigue is the gym. In your unique weight loss journey you will realize that how essential exercise or being active is in the functionality of your body.


Next time the sand man comes to visit, consider hitting the gym instead of that power nap or extra cup of coffee. About one in four healthy adults experience feeling tired or fatigued well before bedtime. The connection between exercise and a reduction of low energy and exhaustion comes from the fact that exercise prompts the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissue and facilitates the circulation of blood. Breaking a sweat directly affects the central nervous system, which regulates energy levels.

This in no way negates the need for sleep. Sleep is essential for optimal health and deprivation can lead to weight gain. If you replace sleep with excessive exercise it will increase your chances of stress fractures, cardiovascular complication, or the feeling of being burnt out. You have to find a healthy balance. So light aerobics or yoga are perfect to give you that needed boost, but steer clear of high intensity work out.

Must.Stay.Awake. turns into Must.Hit.Gym. What a unique weight loss solution!

On A Mental Note…

On A Mental Note…


A unique weight loss has a lot of physical benefits, but it also has quite a few mental benefits. A healthy body produces a healthy mind.

You have every reason in the world to approve your weight – add mental health to the list! Weight loss is a confident booster; winning the battle with your BMI (Body Mass Index) or breaking that unhealthy relationship with food is fulfilling and mentally freeing. Let’s explore the reasons improving your physical health can improve your mental health.


You gain self confidence which means no more pinching at problem areas in disgust. No more body shaming at the beach or pool. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have the body you want, but that you are comfortable with it. It comfortability creates a healthy body-image of self, a realistic one.

  1. Endorphins!! Working out makes your brain happy! Exercise puts you in an amazing mood and in your amazingly new body. You will experience new highs of happiness…exercise high that is.
  2. Ending that toxic relationship you have with food will put you in good spirits. Food can be a crutch and can create a vicious cycle of consuming to feel better then feeling and looking worse because you consumed. “Comfort Food” is a friend to none, especially when you gorge based on your stress levels.
  3. While on the topic of relationship, people who battle with weight tend to opt out of relationships. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will create the confidence needed to go out in large groups and/or dates. And just like that, your social calendar is completely booked.
  4. A sense of accomplishment — you look good because you made yourself look good! Through exercise and discipline you achieved a goal that you set. Achievement is an emotional superfood.

Weight loss is a mental gain that improves your social life, your confidence and, above all, yourself. What an unique weight loss?!