3 Common Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing

A majority of us have taken up a weight loss resolution at some point in time. Maybe it was to mark the beginning of a new year or a more spur-of-the-moment decision taken when you realized that you don’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans anymore. Whatever may be the reason, embarking on a weight-loss journey is a major decision, but it is one that should not be dictated by myths and misconceptions, which do nothing but harm your progress. Losing weight requires quite a bit of hard work and dedication, which includes a combination of exercise, the right diet, and a healthy lifestyle. And if you want to be able to see positive results, you need to stop buying into these common myths:

You can target trouble spots

While it may be tempting to click on articles or videos with titles like “Slim down your thighs in 2 weeks”, you need to keep in mind that they are nothing but clickbait. You cannot slim down only one part of your body. When you exercise, eat right, and follow all the proper weight-loss recommendations, you lose overall body weight, but it is impossible to target fat loss only on your thighs or your waist. However, there is some exercise that can help you tone specific body parts to make them look slimmer.

The only exercise is enough to lose weight

If you are planning to slog away at the gym for hours in a bid to lose weight fast, don’t, because you will only waste your time and end up tired and sore. Shedding pounds is not only about working out. It is a combination of having the right diet, adopting a healthy lifestyle, in addition to exercise and numerous other factors.

You will see immediate results

This is one of the most widely prevalent misconceptions among people trying to lose weight. You are eating fresh greens every day, working out religiously, and cutting down on junk food, but when you step on the scale, there is hardly any difference. Well, all bodies function differently, with different metabolism rates, hormonal activities, and other factors. So, if you want to witness noticeable results, you need to be patient, because it does not happen instantly.

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