We at Unique Weight Loss and Family Practice are committed to providing personal care to all our weight loss patients in a friendly, affordable and comfortable environment, as we are always striving to be the best Weight Loss Clinic in Austin, TX. Our medically supervised weight loss program includes a combination of appetite suppressants, fat burners, metabolism enhancers, carb blockers, HCG injections/diet, adopting a healthier lifestyle and plenty of support to reach your goals. At Unique Weight Loss and Family Practice you do not have to follow restrictive diets or other short-term solutions. Instead, you follow a healthy lifestyle approach that includes all major food groups and one that you can continue for ongoing weight management. At our clinic your questions will be answered promptly, you will never have to wait more than 30 minutes. Your visit will not be complete until all your concerns have been addressed and your questions have been answered. At Unique Weight Loss & Family Practice we listen, and we care.

Meet The Staff

Meet Masoud S. Isat, MSN, MSHS, FNP-C

Meet Masoud S. Isat, MSN, MSHS, FNP-C

Masoud S. Isat was born in a small village in Israel. Growing up in the Mediterranean, he helped his family after high school but he decided a nursing career would give him the ability to assist the most people. He moved from his village and went to nursing school, receiving his undergraduate nursing degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Masoud started a family of his own, however, wanting a better life for them, they moved to America and settled in California. He continued his education and, in 2003, he received his first Master’s degree in Health Care Administration from Touro University International. Masoud and his family then settled in the Cedar Park area and he completed his second Master’s degree in 2007. This time, he obtained his Master’s degree in Nursing with a specialty in Family Practice from Indiana State University.

He spent his first year caring for the geriatric population with the most complex medical conditions in their own homes. After that he joined the staff of a busy weight loss clinic, learning his greatest passion is where he can make a significant difference in his patients’ quality of life. In 2010, he decided to strike out on his own and created Unique Weight Loss & Family Practice, developing a successful weight loss program that is realistic and evidence-based.

Masoud has extensive knowledge and experience in weight loss management and family practice nursing. In addition to supervising the entire weight loss management process, he is vigilant in evaluating any medical conflicts that the patients might have. He focuses on minimizing risk factors associated with excessive weight gain thus lowering the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, certain cancers, arthritis and heart disease. He works with each person to support their weight loss journey and their road to a healthier lifestyle.


Starting Weight: 254 lbs.
Ending Weight 174 lbs.

M. Zubin’s Transformation: 80 lbs. lost!

M. Zubin’s Transformation: 80 lbs. lost!

Starting Weight: 233.4 lbs. in July 2011
Ending Weight: 173.2 lbs. in March 2012

S. Howel’s Transformation: 60.2 lbs. lost!

S. Howel’s Transformation: 60.2 lbs. lost!



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