Exercise Fights Sleepiness

Exercise Fights Sleepiness


Must.Stay.Awake. Is what you repeat in your head to try to remain focus on the task at hand. But does it work? Is reciting this phrase going to send an energy boost through your body? No. Studies show that the actual answer for fatigue is the gym. In your unique weight loss journey you will realize that how essential exercise or being active is in the functionality of your body.


Next time the sand man comes to visit, consider hitting the gym instead of that power nap or extra cup of coffee. About one in four healthy adults experience feeling tired or fatigued well before bedtime. The connection between exercise and a reduction of low energy and exhaustion comes from the fact that exercise prompts the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissue and facilitates the circulation of blood. Breaking a sweat directly affects the central nervous system, which regulates energy levels.

This in no way negates the need for sleep. Sleep is essential for optimal health and deprivation can lead to weight gain. If you replace sleep with excessive exercise it will increase your chances of stress fractures, cardiovascular complication, or the feeling of being burnt out. You have to find a healthy balance. So light aerobics or yoga are perfect to give you that needed boost, but steer clear of high intensity work out.

Must.Stay.Awake. turns into Must.Hit.Gym. What a unique weight loss solution!

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