Oh La La: Why Are French Woman So Thin?!

Oh La La: Why Are French Woman So Thin?!

Alexandra Guamaschelli's Croque Madame Sandwich as Seen On Food Network's Alex's Day Off
Alexandra Guamaschelli’s Croque Madame Sandwich as Seen On Food Network’s Alex’s Day Off

There is a mystical world across the big pond, where they indulge in carbs but their waistlines remain thin. They chow down on croissants with hazelnut spread, slurp huge cups of cappuccino,  and every other meal is coupled with merlot yet French women physique never reflect it. How can they possibly stay so thin? Must be a French thing, right? Western girls, try to convince themselves that there is something in the water, but the hard truth is that there is no biological difference.

The secret to their flat stomach is quite simple stress and sleep management, diet, and exercise.

Stop Obsessing Over Fitness: For the French, fitness isn’t a hobby its a way of living. They do small simple thing that really add up – things you can do to engage your body while you’re doing other things. Instead of sitting on the toilet try squatting, when conversing on the phone go for a walk, contract your abs every time you walk through a doorway, and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Small exercises like these help fight the sedentary lifestyle and can burn up to 400 more calories daily.

Portions Means Everything: Portions sizes in the west are almost twice the size of those in France. Using simple tips like protein the size of a deck of cards, a serving of cheese half that size, and vegetables being the main attraction will aid you in your French unique weight loss journey. There is no such thing as off limit when it come to food for French beauties; they stick to small portions of decadent dishes.

Say No Supplements: The French don’t believe the solution to a healthy weight in a pressed pill. All those beautiful outdoor markets you see in photos of France aren’t just for show. They’re the health food stores of the nation. Instead, they get their vitamins and minerals from whole foods.

Stay Off The Clock: Stop trying to working during personal time, this leads to stress. Stress leads to an increase in cortisol levels. And high levels of cortisol levels cause your body to store fat around the abdomen. By leaving work-related woes at the time clock your body will hang on to less fat.

Sleep Without Distractions: American dreaming consist of laying down next to electronic devices, that is so NOT the French way. Americans keep their phones next to the bed side which disrupts sleep patterns making it harder to stay active the next day. As for French women, they are completely okay with shutting off their phone and charging it in the next room before they caught their Zs. They stay refresh and active this way.

These tricks are how French women stay so thin; they have healthy habits that are apart of their lifestyle which takes away the stress (fat). When in America do as the French do…say ‘oui’ to your unique weight loss solution.


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