Sedentary Lifestyle Woes

Sedentary Lifestyle Woes


Despite the health conscious movement, people are become less active; whether it’s sitting down at work or sitting down in front of the television, most Americans are not getting enough physical activity. The westernize way of life creates sedentary habits and more than 50 million Americans are at risk of developing health problems associated with it. The main way to avoid the hazards of sedentary lifestyle is a dose of physical activity. Here are some reasons why:


  • Those who are physically inactive have an increased risk of colon and breast cancer. A study showed a 40% decrease in cancer mortality in persons who were physically active compared to those who were inactive.


  • Physical activity helps prevent insulin resistance, the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes. A recent study reported that for every 2 hours that TV the risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 14%.


  • Regular physical activity reduces the risk of dementia in old age. It’s reported that it’s a 50% reduction for persons who maintained regular routine of physical activity


  • Highest rate of heart attacks are found in people with sedentary lifestyle by being active 3 hours or more per week you cut the risk of heart attack in half.


  • Lack of physical activity increases the loss of lean muscle tissue, making activities of daily living (dressing and bathing) and instrumental activities of daily living (grocery shopping, performing transfers) much more difficult to perform. Loss of vital lean muscle tissue also makes it more difficult to maintain body weight.


  • Bone loss progresses much faster in people who live sedentary lifestyle because bones require regular exercise to maintain mineral content and strength


  • People who live inactive lifestyle are more likely to suffer from depression. Physical activity is a good way to reduce mood swings and helps a person maintain a sense of emotional well being.


  • Lack of regular physical activity are more likely to gain excess weight. An hour of walking daily cut the risk of obesity by 24%.


  • Physical activity increase efficiency of the immune system, which helps ward off various disease and illnesses such as colds and the flu.