On A Mental Note…

On A Mental Note…


A unique weight loss has a lot of physical benefits, but it also has quite a few mental benefits. A healthy body produces a healthy mind.

You have every reason in the world to approve your weight – add mental health to the list! Weight loss is a confident booster; winning the battle with your BMI (Body Mass Index) or breaking that unhealthy relationship with food is fulfilling and mentally freeing. Let’s explore the reasons improving your physical health can improve your mental health.


You gain self confidence which means no more pinching at problem areas in disgust. No more body shaming at the beach or pool. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have the body you want, but that you are comfortable with it. It comfortability creates a healthy body-image of self, a realistic one.

  1. Endorphins!! Working out makes your brain happy! Exercise puts you in an amazing mood and in your amazingly new body. You will experience new highs of happiness…exercise high that is.
  2. Ending that toxic relationship you have with food will put you in good spirits. Food can be a crutch and can create a vicious cycle of consuming to feel better then feeling and looking worse because you consumed. “Comfort Food” is a friend to none, especially when you gorge based on your stress levels.
  3. While on the topic of relationship, people who battle with weight tend to opt out of relationships. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will create the confidence needed to go out in large groups and/or dates. And just like that, your social calendar is completely booked.
  4. A sense of accomplishment — you look good because you made yourself look good! Through exercise and discipline you achieved a goal that you set. Achievement is an emotional superfood.

Weight loss is a mental gain that improves your social life, your confidence and, above all, yourself. What an unique weight loss?! 

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