Unique Weight Loss is All in Your Head

Unique Weight Loss is All in Your Head

Fat woman give up wearing her tight jeans with measuring tape around her belly, a concept to start diet
Fat woman give up wearing her tight jeans with measuring tape around her belly, a concept to start diet

In the quest to lose weight fast, what would you think the biggest obstacle is? Finding time? That’s the lies we feed ourself, but the truth is that is lies in our psyche. Yes, most weight loss obstacle are psychological; unique weight loss takes patience, persistence, and self-discipline. Losing weight for most people is a commitment of weeks, months, or even years.

What will keep you going? Determination.

There are five typical psychological obstacles and if we never address one or so, our weight loss goal will always be just out side of our reach. What stops that desire and discipline to get fit and healthy?

1. Terribly Thin

Some people are crippling scared of being thin. This quite natural because people fear what they don’t know. They don’t have answers to: What will happen? How will people react to me? Do I want all the attention?

The only way to resolve this fear is first, acknowledging it. Then, we must accept. If being slender is scary, then we need to develop the skills to manage situations as they arise – like remembering the reason for starting this unique weight loss journey. But this can only be achieved if we address the fear.

2. Breakable Bonds

You would think that on your quest for a fit you, those you love would be supportive the way you need them to be, but the truth is: relationships often change as one person evolves. That being the case can make you feel bonded by friends and family. Relationships are the most powerful psychological obstacle – it’s the fear of losing significant relationships due to your weight loss.

This must be done with thoughtfulness and care.

3. Self-sabotage

This obstacle is quite common when it comes to weight loss. Failure in weight loss due to lack of discipline? You can bet self-sabotage was in the mix. All self-sabotage is, is when you do the opposite of what will help you reach your weight loss goal. Through your justification and rationalization most won’t recognize it as sabotage, which is the hardest part.

4. “Screw It!”

Sometimes we just say ‘screw it’ to our health and fitness. It’s our internal conflict that wants to go against the grain and break the rules. We structure our goals, and it’s like a protest is happening in our inside. This inner Rebel is powerful and must be reckoned with. Recognizing the problem will slow the protesting.

5. Anticipated failure

Hopelessness. There is a sense of despair and futility that can trap us in a powerful cycle self-fulfilling prophecy. For those that have tried this change in lifestyle, they create goals with failure in mind; thinking it’s pointless before they start their journey. They have failed time and time again.

Why would this time be any different? Well, because now we know what obstacle are up against. We can confront it and develop the skills to move beyond it.

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Weight Loss Diet Tip for the Wine-o

Weight Loss Diet Tip for the Wine-o



We have all been there, you finished your deliciously balanced dinner, but right before bed your stomach decides to have a conversation with you. You are not alone, as the night progresses it’s natural for you to feel peckish, but snacking before bed can undo your unique weight loss journey for the day. Well, researchers have concluded a glorious find, the perfect nightcap: wine! Here is the interest weight loss diet tip of the day!

Recents studies have stated that wine can help diabetics and improve your sex drive, but apparently, wine can ease the midnight cravings. The benefits of having a nightly glass of wine suppresses the craving for an unhealthy alternative. A moderate glass of wine leaves you feeling more satisfied along with being its own sleep aid while cutting anxiety. According to The Daily Mail, a study that took place over 13 years at Harvard University found that amongst a group of 20,000 women, those who drank half a bottle of wine a day lessened their risk of obesity; half a bottle equates to two glasses.

Red wine is a more enticing that the munchies and have fewer calories. Like all things, moderation is key. Stick to 1-2 glasses of wine to curb hunger, sleep better, and feel more satisfied. So turn down that desert and bottoms up, responsibly.

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