Weight Loss Diet Tip for the Wine-o

Weight Loss Diet Tip for the Wine-o



We have all been there, you finished your deliciously balanced dinner, but right before bed your stomach decides to have a conversation with you. You are not alone, as the night progresses it’s natural for you to feel peckish, but snacking before bed can undo your unique weight loss journey for the day. Well, researchers have concluded a glorious find, the perfect nightcap: wine! Here is the interest weight loss diet tip of the day!

Recents studies have stated that wine can help diabetics and improve your sex drive, but apparently, wine can ease the midnight cravings. The benefits of having a nightly glass of wine suppresses the craving for an unhealthy alternative. A moderate glass of wine leaves you feeling more satisfied along with being its own sleep aid while cutting anxiety. According to The Daily Mail, a study that took place over 13 years at Harvard University found that amongst a group of 20,000 women, those who drank half a bottle of wine a day lessened their risk of obesity; half a bottle equates to two glasses.

Red wine is a more enticing that the munchies and have fewer calories. Like all things, moderation is key. Stick to 1-2 glasses of wine to curb hunger, sleep better, and feel more satisfied. So turn down that desert and bottoms up, responsibly.

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How Yoga Improves Health

How Yoga Improves Health



Austin and Cedar Park we are here to tell you that Yoga can definitely be a unique weight loss journey, but it actually can improve your overall health. Yoga’s main function is to promote relaxation, and flexibility, but in the latest research by Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine it has also shown to improve health. By adding three (1) hour yoga session to your weekly regimen you will improve your balance, your mental focus, and decrease depression symptom. Yoga can even ease the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis; the list goes on, but here are some major health benefits of Yoga:


1. Curbs Food Cravings:

We are all naturally foodies and with your unique weight loss journey, post-workout is when your body begs for fuel. Yoga gives you the control to not indulge in those cravings. Food craving are due to built up tension in the body and muscles, loosening those muscles through Yoga movement is great defense and allows you to make more mindful food choices. Since Yoga strengthens the mind-body connection conscious eating is a direct benefit.

 2. Spice Up the Bedroom:

Yoga is a bedroom enhancer, so put down the pills and pull out that mat. Since Yoga increases balance and flexibility, it increases strength and confidence in the bedroom along with blood flow to performance areas. Poses that focus on abdominal contractions that strengthen your core will also strengthen your orgasms because of the focus on the pelvic muscles. Physically, it speeds the release of hormones that boost arousal and increases libido.

 3. Immune System Booster:

Yoga boost your immunity on a cellular level and the results are instant…like while you are still on the mat. Aside from improving your overall health it builds a strong internal defense.

 4. Produces Healthy Babies

Study have shown that expecting mothers that practice yoga have safer deliveries. Adding a yoga routine during the second trimester of your pregnancy, births healthy weight infants with lower risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension. So those poses don’t only put you at ease, it helps those who are growing inside. Healthier, happy babies.

 5. Stimulates Brain Function

We all know that exercise increases the brain power. We think more critical and more effectively with a regular workout routine, but Yoga has been shown to target mental functionality. Yoga shows you how to silence the mind and heighten body awareness bringing serenity through conscious breathing. It promotes less stress and better focus.

Yoga isn’t solely a unique weight loss solution, it also improves the overall health of your body. You may not be in to it for the same reasons Yogis, but namasté nonetheless.