Unique Weight Loss By Counting Calories

Unique Weight Loss By Counting Calories



Counting calories seem to be the new fad, and how not? There are calorie-tracking apps to download and not to mention nutritional information on food labels and all over the internet. How  closely do you need to watch calories to lose those extra pounds? Is being obsessive over calories a waste of time and energy, or the only true way to gauge you unique weight loss journey? This is an ongoing debate between dietitians, so it’s best that you make the decision based on self.

Should I Count Calories? Yes!

One of the benefits of calorie-counting is that typically you experience result right away. It provides structure and a personal tracking that can help some people meet their health goals. It is a great way to start becoming more aware of your eating habits and encourage behavioral change. Though calories are the not the big picture when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating habits, it maybe easier than actually understanding the complexity of food and its effects.

Counting calories are helpful when you hit that weight loss plateau; it is an honest assessment on if you’re eating too much or not enough. Many people are also driven to eat for reasons other than hunger and most are unaware why they are doing it. Tracking can help take control of emotional eating and find resolutions to change the behavior.

A daily calorie target is very useful when identifying high-calorie, low-nutrient items, so you can swap them for lower-calorie, healthier options.

So Yes, counting calories can be beneficial, if you are planning to count calories stick these simple tips:

  • Set realistic goals with calories, lifestyle changes, fitness, and your unique weight loss.
  • Pick a tracking method that’s easy, like using calorie counting apps or websites.
  • Don’t rely on it too muchRemember that counting calories is a just component of a large picture.
  • Create healthy eating habits. Make sure that you are paying attention to your portions sizes as well as the types of food you consume.


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