Health Hoax

Health Hoax

In this unique weight loss journey you may be looking for alternative eating options; healthy food options. You may think by it being labeled “low fat” or “organic” that you are making a healthier choice. Don’t be fooled by target marketing and healthy associations. Today, is myths unveil, revealing some common health hoax.

Fruit Options:

UniqueWeightLossGummie Chewy and fruity, but ohh so deceptive. Fruit snacks seem healthy, the package even promises that they are  “made with real fruit”. Lesser of two evils to carb a sweet tooth, right? Wrong, fruit snacks are made with juice concentrate, which is loaded with sugar!

*Instead of the fruit snacks try real fresh fruit, no-sugar-added applesauce or a pack of raisins for a sweet! Curb that craving the healthy way.

This fraudulent culprit has been deceiving the masses for years. Fruit juices are typically made from juice concentrated, so ounce per ounce they have as much sugar as soda. Keep these away from your kids lunches. UniqueWeightLossBottleJuice

Healthy Alternative:  Get your fruit servings with pieces of real fruit, and serve water or low-fat milk!

Cereal & Granola:

UniqueWeightLossBreakfastBar Energy bars, protein bars and cereal bars seem like a healthy breakfast options, but the truth is that most of them are full of sugars, trans fats, and artificial sweeteners. Yikes!
Save those bars for a post-workout snack. And ditch the bars with chocolate and candy pieces. You can satisfied your senses without all the extra sugar

*Try making homemade granola bars. You are giving yourself complete control of not only what goes in the bars, but in your body.


Creamy Yogurts:

Yogurt always seems like a safe option. You get your calcium, help your digestive tract, and it’s a fast snack; a wholesome snack, right? Only if it’s the plain variety!

Untitled-design-24 Yogurts with flavoring – regardless of labeling – are made with tons of artificial sweeteners and other ingredients for taste.
And don’t be fooled by “yogurt-covered” snacks as a healthy alternative. The yogurt coating is mixed with trans fats, sugar, and yogurt powder…which are all things to steer clear of.

* Greek or regular plain yogurt topped with fresh fruit is a better option! Skip yogurt-covered cereals, raisins, granola bars and trail mix!


Healthy Tip: If it says yogurt but isn’t kept in the refrigerator, leave it on the shelf!



Smoothies do a great job disguising themselves as a healthy treat, but even homemade smoothies are a high-sugar beverage. And the ones at smoothie shops? They are even worse—high in sugar and bursting with other bad-for-you ingredients like trans fats!

The sad smoothie fact is drinks don’t keep us as full as food…even ones with fruit as a main ingredient.

*Serve plain yogurt with fruit or veggies and cheese for a calcium-rich snack!

Veggie Chips:


You may think you doing yourself a favorite with grabbing those veggie chips instead of potato chips, but in actuality, you are doing yourself the same disservice. Just like potato chips, veggie chips go through the fry and seasoning process which strips them of nutrients and you gain unhealthy additives.

*Try air-popped popcorn, a handful of nuts, even raw vegetables for that crunch you are crave.

Rule of Thumb: If it sounds to good be true, it probably is! Sticking to the basic and natural is the best way to maintain on your unique weight loss journey.  


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