Myth buster: Stretching

Myth buster: Stretching


If you have been adamant about your fitness routine, one thing you must not forget is stretching. People often neglect stretching routines because they don’t see the immediate payoff; and since most people are limited with time when it comes to their unique weight loss journey they focus more on cardio or strength. But, stretching, when done correctly, can actually improve your performance and reduce injury while you exercise.

There are a lot of stretching myths that circulate, so let’s dispel the top three myths so they don’t catch you in their trap.

Myth #1: No Pain, No Gain

This first myth will have you believing that you aren’t stretching correctly unless their is pain. Please, know the  difference between discomfort and pain. When stretching you may feel the slightest discomfort due to your muscle lengthening, but the minute you feel pain, stop.

Stretching should never flat out hurt. If it does, you are stretching too far or doing the stretch incorrectly.

Myth #2: Anytime, Anyplace

Myth number two says that you can bust a stretch anytime. Stretching before work, while watching TV, or pre-workout seems ideal, but couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, stretching before you do a proper warm-up is asking for an injury. Your body must be warmed up in order to benefit from stretching. Save that stretch for after your workout or warm-up.

NEVER stretch a cold muscle; if you do, you will feel the pain mentioned in Myth #1

Myth #3: Loosen Tight Muscles

The last myth is that you should stretch to relieves tight and sore muscles. People naturally stretch when the wake up or right after a rigorous workout because they feel the tightness of their muscle and that prompts them to stretch. The truth is you should be stretching your muscles all the time. This is how you get the optimal results you are looking for. If your stretching isn’t habitual, the range of motion that your muscles can perform becomes limited.

Flexibility is a unique weight loss solution. You are allowing all aspect of your muscle to do its job with ease. It is easier to maintain flexibility than to get it back. Start stretching regularly, regardless of the state of your muscle and you’ll maintain that much needed flexibility which will help you stay active for many years to come.

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