Flat Tummy Food of the Day: Oats

Flat Tummy Food of the Day: Oats



This unique weight loss journey that you are on is a beautiful thing. You are one step closer to being a healthier happier you. Weigh loss isn’t complicated, but it is about compromise; instead of what you want giving your body what it needs. Here at Unique Weight Loss and Family Practice¬†we went the extra step to help you make better compromises.

You: You want a flatter tummy without starving yourself.

Body: Efficient nutrients to power your body throughout the day.

Solution: Oats. Oatmeal is a great way to start your day and aids in your unique weight loss journey. It’s apart of a low-calorie diet that slowly release natural energy to your body throughout the day. This keeps you fuller longer, and not to mention the added benefit of it lower your cholesterol. By compromise carb filled breakfast, like pancakes for this hearty eats, you are on step closer to your flatter tummy – just in time for summer!




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