About Us

We, at Unique Weight Loss and Family Practice, are committed to providing personal care to all our patients in a friendly, affordable and comfortable environment, as we are always striving to be the best Weight Loss and Family Practice Clinic in the Austin and Cedar Park area. At Unique Weight Loss and Family Practice, you do not have to follow restrictive diets or other short-term solutions. Instead, you follow a healthy lifestyle approach that includes all major food groups and one that you can continue for ongoing weight management.

Our Mission

To provide you with the most effective weight loss and health care solutions without the need for restrictive diets or extreme workout programs.

Our Values

To provide you the attention you need with every call or visit. Your visit will not be complete until all your concerns have been addressed and your questions have been answered.

Our Solution

To encourage and promote healthy weight loss, with ongoing support, and road map to a healthy lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

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