Weight Loss Testimonials

Real Testimonials & Weight Loss Photos – Austin and Cedar Park, TX

Look who shaped up and slimmed down! These are just a few of the inspiring people who had great success with our weight loss program. We hope that these success stories will motivate, and inspire you to get healthy and reach your weight loss goals.



M. Zubin’s transformation: 80 pounds lost.
Starting weight: 254 pounds.
Ending weight 174 pounds.


K. Espinoza’s transformation: 119.8 pounds lost.
Starting weight: 242.6 pounds in July 2011
Ending weight: 122.8 pounds in May 2012


S. Howel’s transformation: 60.2 pounds lost
Starting weight: 233.4 pounds in July 2011
Ending weight: 173.2 pounds in March 2012

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