Quick start to any weight loss diet is simple, water. Unlike that weekly exercise class or that morning run, drinking
water requires little to no will power. Incorporating water into your weight goal plans is a quick fix, and for all the nay-sayers who struggle to get that recommended 8 glasses a day, here are three reasons to keep you motivated:

1. Water Fills You Up

Is that your stomach grumbling? Before you pick up that snack consider this – you may just be thirsty! Our minds tends to confuse thirst with hunger. We have all had those moments, when we felt like we were starving but the timing seemed wrong; grab H2O before you grab a meal. If you still feel hungry then grab a bite – if not, you just saved yourself from unneeded calories. Water fills us up and prevents us from overeating.

Going out to a social event? Drink water before you go, it will limit the trips to the buffet line and drinks consumed. Bottom line, drinking water gives the time to assess how hungry you actually are and aids you in making better food choices. So the next time your friends invites you to that open bar and buffet event, get your H2O on first!

2. Water Kick Starts Your Metabolism

Quickest way to slow down your metabolism is through dehydration. You put your body in a state of panic causing it to slow in efforts to converse energy. Your organs won’t work at its highest efficiency which stops the fat-burning process. You need adequate hydration for your body to function properly, especially during exercise. Simply put, drinking water contributes to your body’s ability to burn calories.

Ice cold water first thing in the morning may not sound like the way to wake up your body, but it’s the easiest way to kick start your metabolism. Drinking a glass or two of cold water in the morning will make your body try and warm itself up, thus increasing your metabolism. This simple trick added to your routine can contribute to your weight loss.

3. Water Keeps You Healthy

Water aids in flushing toxins from your body’s system, especially those produced during exercise. It keeps your joints lubricated which is very important in daily functions and in preventing your body from injury during exercise. Whether you’re kick starting your weight loss plan or locked into a routine, make sure you’re drinking enough water for your body to function properly.


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