Determination Gets You There

Determination Gets You There


The unique weight loss journey is hard, but well worth it. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be your best you? Of course you do! You will have a renewed confidence and enthusiasm for health and fitness that will evolve into a passion, not a chore.  The most important tip is determination and if you constantly remind yourself of your end result, well, you begin to hold yourself accountable which motivates you to do more. You have to make a conscious decision that your weight loss is about you – not love ones, society, or anything else – you.

Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with tough love (as long as you are listening to the needs of your body) in pursuit of your ideal weight loss. Don’t accept your excuses and hold yourself to high standards. Your regimen will progressively get more intense, but if you start off with accountability your consistency can not be denied. The results will be the ones desired. Challenges aren’t made to break you, but to push you to.

So give yourself a little tough love, it will be worth it in the end. Stay determined!

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